August 15, 2017


Psalm 133

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When Brothers Dwell in Unity

A Song of Ascents. Of David.

  Behold, how good and pleasant it is
    when brothers dwell in unity!1
  It is like the precious oil on the head,
    running down on the beard,
  on the beard of Aaron,
    running down on the collar of his robes!
  It is like the dew of Hermon,
    which falls on the mountains of Zion!
  For there the LORD has commanded the blessing,
    life forevermore.


[1] 133:1 Or dwell together


Key Verse | Psalm 133:3

It is like the dew of Hermon,
which falls on the mountains of Zion!
For there the Lord has commanded the blessing,
life forevermore.
(Psalm 133:3)

Central Truth

It would be a boring world if God made us all the same. Thankfully, He didn't! Even though there will be disagreements, God calls us to be in community with other believers who spur, challenge, and encourage us in our walk with the Lord.

Devotional | Psalm 133

Scripture is exceedinglyfull of God’s promises. He promises new lifewhen you trust in Jesus for your salvation,and life transformation begins. Even fromthe beginning of creation, God calls us to live in community....

Scripture is exceedingly full of God’s promises. He promises new life when you trust in Jesus for your salvation, and life transformation begins. Even from the beginning of creation, God calls us to live in community. Psalm 133 stresses the importance of having community throughout all circumstances and paints a beautiful picture of what it looks like when it’s done well.

In this passage, David uses two types of liquids to describe what dwelling in unity looks like. The first is the precious, fragrant oil used in the anointing of Aaron’s head. David said there was such an abundance of oil poured onto Aaron’s head that it ran into his beard and down on his collar. Not only was this expensive oil, but its aroma could fill the room, and yet nothing was spared to anoint him. Biblical scholar James Limburg states, “The generous quantity of oil adds to the picture of the community of gathering as ‘a sweet pleasant time together.’” God calls us to share our lives with other believers, but He goes further than that. He tells us it is a sweet aroma when “two or three gather in my name” (Matthew 18:20).

The second kind of liquid is the dew from Mount Hermon. Think about what happens to the Rocky Mountains in the summer. The snow melts and flows down into the valleys, giving life to whatever is in its path. God can use you in community to share what God is teaching you. It doesn’t necessarily mean everyone gets along all the time (Romans 12:4-5), but it is an opportunity for us to grow more like Christ together.

Sometimes it feels like our world is ripping apart, and everyone is against each other. But God’s beautiful promises are faithful and continuing to prove themselves worthy. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, He welcomes us into a new family: the family of believers. This type of unity includes delighting in each other, loving each other well, spurring each other on, challenging each other, and pushing each other more and more toward Christ.

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Bio | Linda Gates

Hi, I'm Linda Gates! I was born and raised in the great State of Mississippi; and, yes, I get asked a lot to pronounce certain words with my Southern accent. I am very fortunate to serve at The Porch every Tuesday, meeting and encouraging young adults my age looking for life beyond this world and its empty promises. When I'm not hanging out with these fun folks, you can find me watching football (I'm a newly converted Cowboys fan!) and basically any other sport. 

Discussion Questions

1. Does your current biblical community align with what God calls us to do?

2. Does anything need to change in your views regarding being in a Christ-centered community?

3. What would you like to discuss in your current community group to challenge each other to grow in Christ?

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