March 20, 2018

Experiencing One of the Lord's Love Languages

Romans 4:22

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22 That is why his faith was “counted to him as righteousness.”

Experiencing One of the Lord's Love Languages

Central Truth

Nothing pleases the Lord more than complete trust in Him. He will help you get there, and He gives you a gift in return! 

Devotional | Romans 4:22

It’s a great feeling to speak the truth and to have all who hear you believe and accept what you’ve said. When someone doesn't believe you or thinks of you as a liar, it is nothing short of...

It’s a great feeling to speak the truth and to have all who hear you believe and accept what you’ve said. When someone doesn't believe you or thinks of you as a liar, it is nothing short of unsettling. Many times, a person’s mistrust can come from simply not knowing who you are.

God has made us in His image, and this response to belief or unbelief is also true of Him. When we believe the Lord and what He says, it pleases Him. When we do not believe Him, it displeases Him. God expresses this several times throughout Scripture—see Deuteronomy 1:32-36 for one example.

When someone believes and trusts in God with saving faith, it delights Him so much that He gives gifts in return. One such gift is the position of being made righteous in His sight.

The real test comes when the Lord makes promises that take a long time to come to pass. But if the Lord said it, you can trust that it will happen. Why? Because of who He is. When it comes to having faith, what we are trusting in is not only the promise, but also the Lord’s character. He is not a liar (Numbers 23:19), and there isn’t a shifting shadow in Him (James 1:17). He wants to get us to the point where we know Him so intimately that our trust in His character leads us to fully rest in Him, knowing that He will do what He has promised.

It took time for Abraham to know the Lord this intimately and to trust Him in this capacity, which could be one of the reasons why it took years for him to see the promise manifested. Not only did the Lord want Abraham to receive what He promised, He also wanted Abraham's faith to be steadfast. This only happened because of Abraham’s development of an intimate relationship with the Lord. Nothing stirs the heart of God like a person who trusts Him completely.

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Bio | Natalia Feliz

Hi there!

My name is Natalia Féliz. I am a Dominican-born, U.S.-raised, 30-something whose number one love is the Lord. With Him, life is an adventure, and He never ceases to amaze me! I also love spending quality time with family and friends, traveling, listening to music, dancing, and enjoying my Dominican culture. If you see me around and want to practice your Spanish, I would love to speak with you! Most importantly, I pray that no matter where you are in your life journey, you would always experience an abundance of the Lord’s peace and joy in your heart!

Discussion Questions

1. What promises has the Lord made to you? If you don’t know, ask Him and then read His Word!

2. What are some of the reasons you may find it difficult to trust wholeheartedly in the promises He’s made to you?

3. What are some of the verses you can stand on to comfort you as you wait for God's promises to happen?

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Michael Scaman about 3 hours ago

John Sherman, good point. Genuine saving faith may be shown many ways, whether by Rahab hiding spies or Moses parents hiding a baby, but it’s seen in works evidencing the faith. Thief on the cross having a remarkable faith in a kingdom Jesus will rule in even after dying, but no time for longer term fruit to be seen.

Psalms 105 and 106 are both historical psalms. 105 emphasis on the faithfulness of God to Israel and 106 a bit the opposite, and emphasis on the unfaithfulness of Israel to God, God still merciful. It might be that Phinehas was like a counterexample of unfaithfulness there, sustained by his faith.

I think I would say saving faith is vindicated by the works it produces.

John Sherman about 4 hours ago

Romans 4:22 quotes Genesis 15:6 that contains the phrase “He credited it to him as righteousness”. That same phrase occurs one other time in the OT in Psalms 106:31. Gen 15:6 refers to Abram but Psalms 106:31 refers to Phinehas. What did Phinehas do to be credited righteousness? In his jealousy for the LORD he took a spear and ran it through an Israelite leader and his Midianite lover stopping a plague. (Num 25). Why are Abraham and Phinehas both credited righteousness by God?

I don’t know but Phinehas may be another example of James 2:24. Specifically, first Abram and, I presume, Phinehas believed the LORD and were justified by faith (Romans 3:28). Later both men performed an act where they justified by works (James 2:24), Abraham sacrificing Isaac and Phinehas being jealous for the Lord. Faith comes first followed by righteous acts (1 John 3:7).

greg jones about 4 hours ago

Hola, mi amiga. “It took time for Abraham to know the Lord this intimately and to trust Him in this capacity” The speed of love, the speed of grace, the speed of mercy and kindness, and the speed of honest trust is probably about as fast as pulling a wagon up a hill. The more you’ve experienced being pulled up that hill the better you know how to pull a wagon up that hill. With one trip you experience what he has done and with the other trip you experience what he is doing. Faith is experiencing the who how and why of the trips.

Trey Collins about 4 hours ago

Thanks for this devo Natalia! The Lord has promised complete joy, peace, and full life in Him. I break those opportunities by following my own sinful desires. I reject those promises knowingly every day and it leads to anger, strife, and death. I am saved and can confess to God who has already forgiven me! Praying for you this morning Natalia!

Michael Scaman about 4 hours ago

Q3 God will protect a genuine but fragile faith. A bruised reed He will not break and a smoldering wick He will not put out Is 42:3. God is not passive in faith. He gives it, He protects it and He sustains it. 1 Peter 1:5

Michael Scaman about 4 hours ago

Q1 A promise to never turn from doing me good. Jer 32:40

Being saved by faith gives God the glory and guarantee to the believer.

However it isn’t faith in faith or faith in anything, but leans on the finished work of Christ on the cross, believing for eternal life. Once I heard a famous preacher wrongly say Adam and Eve could have walked past the angel with the flaming sword ‘by faith’ back to the garden. That would be a misplaced faith.

Abraham’s faith was not in presumption but in God’s word and was God’s word was in him. Abraham’s faith looked forward to Jesus.

Robert Owens about 4 hours ago

Hello Natalia, It was refreshing to wake up to your message this morning. The discussion questions are very insightful. Thank you.

Hope Harris about 7 hours ago

Yesterday I stated that Abraham dared to believe when everything was hopeless. To sum it up he had faith!

Abraham models for me what it me means to rest in God’s promises and to rely on the faithful nature of God to do what He says He will do.

Sue Bohlin about 7 hours ago

Happy Natalia! What a great name! And what a lovely devo, especially your title. It makes sense that biblical faith, which means trust, would be one of God’s love languages.

At, we recently received a comment complaining that I am completely depending on the Bible for my position, when there are a number of other holy books I should be taking into account. The writer said she grew up in a home with no religious teaching but she has a strong relationship with God apart from the Bible or any kind of church connections. My response will be that she can’t have a relationship with the true God when she doesn’t know Him; He is a real, true Person who has revealed Himself to us through His creation, His Word, and most of all His Son.

Lindsey Driscoll about 8 hours ago

Natalia, thank you for leading us to trust the Lord today. Q1- one of my favorite promises: Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7

Hugh Stephenson about 9 hours ago

The lesson for me in this verse is this: knowledge of God leads to belief in Him which leads to faith which leads to trust. Many times, I get the order wrong. In tough times I often focus on obedience and just push through.

Paul reminds me, as do many others; seek to know the goodness and kindness of God. This must come from my heart, not my will, (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Boice notes this: “…the first and most important characteristic of Abraham’s faith is that it was faith in [the] promise." Further, he quotes Lloyd-Jones that Abraham’s knowledge, belief and faith was based on “the bare Word of God and on nothing else whatsoever”.

Abraham did not have the Bible. He did not have an example of a 100 year old man becoming a father. He believed “against all hope” (Romans 4:18).

I want to know Him like Abraham.

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