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How do I get the most out of Join The Journey?

Be prayerful – Before you start each day’s reading, pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you in your study and reveal His truth to you.

Be consistent – If you want God’s Word to really impact your life (inform your thoughts, affect your daily interactions with others, etc.), you need to read it regularly! We understand that life can get crazy – that’s why JTJ is a five-day-a-week reading plan so you can catch up on the weekends if you miss a day … or better yet: reread what you’ve read during the week!

Be intentional – Be purposeful when you read Scripture! The best way to do this is to apply the “Six C’s of Bible Study”:

  1. Context – Determine the historical, cultural, literary, and theological context of the passage. Grab a study Bible like the ESV Study Bible for insights!
  2. Clues – Each passage is filled with clues (key words, people, contrasts, locations, repeated words and ideas, etc.). Ask the who, what, when, where, why, and how questions, then ask yourself: What is the main idea of this passage?
  3. Compare – The best interpreter of Scripture is other Scripture, so compare the main idea of the day’s reading with other places in the Bible that discuss the same idea.
  4. Consult – Consult trustworthy commentaries, Bible handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, websites, and podcasts (like the JTJ Podcast) to gain insight into what others have deduced from the passage.
  5. Conclusions – Draw your conclusions about the passage by answering this question: What is the universal principle this passage is teaching?
  6. Commit – Commit to apply in your daily life what you’ve learned from the study of this Scripture. Ask yourself these kinds of questions: Is there an example to follow? A sin to avoid? A promise to claim? A prayer to repeat? A command to obey? A verse to memorize? A challenge to face? Is there a doctrine taught that I need to understand better?

What is Join the Journey?

Join The Journey (JTJ) is a Bible-reading plan from Watermark Community Church that invites you to read the Bible with us. You can jump in with us at any time, and invite your friends to Join The Journey!

Each day, we post a new chapter or two to read, a devotional written by a Watermark Member, and discussion questions to help you think through the text. Plus, this year we added a new Join The Journey podcast to help you dive deeper into the day’s Scripture.

Do I need to sign up?

You don’t need to sign up for Join The Journey, but you can get notified when new content is available!

  • Website – At the bottom of any page on this site, you can sign up with your email address to receive a reminder each weekday.
  • Podcast - You can jump in by listening to the podcast at any time. To receive daily notifications subscribe ("follow") on Apple Podcasts or hit the bell and follow on Spotify.
  • App – Tap the settings wheel in the upper-right corner of the Join The Journey app to set a reminder on your phone.

Does Join The Journey cost money?

Join The Journey is absolutely free! While you can purchase a guided journal on Amazon, you can also download the reading plan for free!

What is the podcast?

The Join The Journey podcast is designed to help you better understand what you’re reading, including historical context, practical applications, and more. Episodes are 10 minutes or less and post daily Monday – Friday. Sometimes a bonus episode pops up on the weekend, too!

If you want the text of the Scripture read to you, click the “Listen” button on the main JTJ reading landing page. (Having trouble finding it? Search "Join The Journey Watermark" wherever you listen to podcasts.)

Looking for the podcast for kids ages 8 and under? Check it out on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Every week we're retelling a Bible Story with fun sound effects and more! There are even some discussion questions for you to do as a family!

Can I get a podcast transcript?

We don’t currently offer podcast transcripts, but we’d love to make them available in the future. Stay tuned!

Do I need to be a Member of Watermark to participate?

You don’t! Anyone can use JTJ to read the Bible with us, but we do recommend plugging into a local church in whatever city you’re in.

I'm not receiving the emails anymore. Help!

The most common reason is that your email provider is classifying our email as spam, so check your spam folder. It might help to include our email address in your address book: jointhejourney@watermark.org. If you still think something is wrong, reach out to us on the contact page. We'll make sure that you're still subscribed to our mailer.

Do I need to subscribe again if I participated last year?

You don’t!

If you know you subscribed previously but you’re not receiving the emails anymore, our emails may be going to your spam folder. It might help to include our email address in your address book (jointhejourney@watermark.org). If you still think something is wrong, reach out to us on the contact page. We'll make sure that you're still subscribed to our mailer.