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2022 Reading Plan PDF
Join The Journey 2022 takes us through the New Testament—just one chapter a day, Monday through Friday! We will read through the New Testament with the gospels spread throughout the year amidst the following groups of writings:

Matthew & Paul’s Letters
Mark & General Epistles
Luke & Acts
John & Revelation

New Daily Podcast
Want to dig deeper, catch up, or be better equipped to study God’s word? If so, the new Join The Journey Podcast is for you! Every day we’ll release a new episode aimed at helping you dive deeper in the text in ten minutes or less.

Join The Journey Guided Journal
This year we’re excited to offer a Guided Journal! Let’s be honest, some of us don’t need any more screen time!

Helpful Links
Many additional resources are available online for free. This section provides a quick reference to these helpful sites.

Journey Comment Policy
This policy governs the posting of comments on the Join The Journey website.

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