What is Join The Journey?

Join The Journey (JTJ) is a Bible-reading plan from Watermark Community Church that invites you to read the Bible with us. JTJ is for anyone who wants to read, understand, and apply God’s Word. You can jump in with us at any time, and invite your friends to Join The Journey too!

Each day, we post a new chapter or two to read, a devotional written by a Watermark Member, and discussion questions to help you think through the text. Plus, this year we added a new Join The Journey podcast to help you dive deeper into the day’s Scripture.

This year, we’re reading through the New Testament together. The Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) are spread throughout the year, and other books are grouped together. This will allow us to slow down and read about one chapter a day and really dig into the Scripture! Our prayer is that you will spend this year seeing how each of the New Testament books describes the coming of Christ, the start and spread of His Church, or His return … and how each points to Jesus as the means of restoring our relationship with God. May the truth and hope of these books establish and deepen your relationship with Jesus and influence the way you live your life, treat others, and obey and worship God.

This year, we launched a new resource to accompany your daily JTJ Scripture reading: the Join The Journey podcast! Hosted by Emma Dotter, each episode is designed to help you dive deeper into the text in 10 minutes or less. New episodes post daily Monday – Friday.

*Pro Tip: Check in on Saturday and Sunday every once in a while – sometimes we post a bonus episode on the weekends!

You can access the Join The Journey reading plan through the resources tab at the top of the page or download the Join The Journey app. Click “subscribe” in the top right corner of the website to receive each day’s reading via email.

Let’s be honest; some of us don’t need any more screen time. That’s why we offer a Guided Journal that will walk you through the JTJ readings in an interactive, helpful, and engaging way to help you get the most out of your time in the Word. The 2022 reading plan is broken into two journals, so be on the lookout for the second journal release this summer! Find the JTJ Guided Journals on Amazon.

The best part about Join The Journey is that we’re reading God’s Word together—you don’t have to do it alone! Invite your friends to read the Bible with you and help us spread the word by posting on your social media accounts. We’ve even got some graphics for you to share!

We encourage you to join us any time! We’re so glad to be on The Journey with you!

The Join The Journey Team

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