Dear Journey Readers,

The 2021 Journey takes us through the entire Bible in a unique way by alternating between the Old and New Testament books. This plan gives us a chance to see how the Bible tells one story about God’s efforts to rescue people and restore them to relationship with Him. The reading plan provides the framework for your daily travels (Monday through Friday) through God’s Word.

In the 2021 Journey,
- The daily readings will average 4-5 chapters a day, some more and some less depending on the length of the chapters.
- You will again be able to comment on each day’s Journey devotional by signing into your Watermark account. If you don’t have one, don’t fret—they’re free!
- We hope you will take advantage of other resources, such as Dr. Tom Constable’s notes, or your favorite Bible commentary. Such resources will enhance and deepen your understanding of each passage.

Our prayer is that you will spend this year seeing how each book of the Bible is a part of one greater story of redemption that points to Jesus as the means of restoring our relationship with God. May the truth and hope of these books establish and deepen your relationship with Jesus and influence the way you live your life, treat others, and obey and worship God.

Finally, we hope that you will use the built-in features and your social media to share Join The Journey with your friends and to tell others about The Journey so that they, too, might trust in Jesus Christ to transform their lives by building a daily habit of reading the Bible.

Thank you for journeying with us!

The Journey Team

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