July 9, 2018

There Is No Such Thing as a Dumb Question

Romans 8:31–32

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God's Everlasting Love

31 What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be1 against us? 32 He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?


[1] 8:31 Or who is

There Is No Such Thing as a Dumb Question

Bio | Callie Chisum

I am Colorado raised, Texas State University educated, and Dallas transplanted. I love my family, my community group, and the seventh-grade Lake Highlands girls I'm lucky enough to hang out with every Wednesday! I'm not sure about a lot of things, but I'm positive that God's plans are far greater than my own. With that in mind, I can walk through this life confident that all things will work for His glory.

Central Truth

The Bible is full of God's promises to us, promises to never leave us, to love us, to provide for us. Paul uses these verses in Romans 8 to emphasize that God backed up His promises with action. We never have to wonder if He means what He says.

Devotional | Romans 8:31–32

There's just something about locker-room pep talks that makes us believe the impossible is possible. For me, it's in the show Friday Night Lights when Coach Taylor yells, "Clear...

There's just something about locker-room pep talks that makes us believe the impossible is possible. For me, it's in the show Friday Night Lights when Coach Taylor yells, "Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose," and suddenly I'm off the couch ready to throw myself into that game. There are some key elements to make a pep talk effective: someone we trust to say the words, an opposing force to defeat, and hope that we can defy the odds and emerge with a victory. 

Paul has gained some experience by this point in his ministry. He's on his third missionary journey and has faced many trials for the sake of spreading the gospel. Paul's goal is to get to Rome, but since he is unable to, he writes this letter to the church there, letting them know he's on their team. If anyone can be trusted, it's the guy who "rejoices in suffering" (Romans 5:3). 

When Paul asks "who can be against us," the answer is no one because God is for His people. Sin and death can't stop us because Christ saved us (Romans 8:1-2), and none of the things listed in Romans 8:35 can keep us from being saved by Christ. 

Why would we doubt that God wants to defeat sin, death, troubles, distress, and danger for us? The sacrifice of His only Son would make no sense if anything other than our own unbelief could keep us separated from Him. We are heirs and privileged to share everything He has. Because He defeated death, we win!


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Discussion Questions

1. In what areas of your life do you have a hard time trusting God? Do you think He is really "for you" in these areas?

2. Does the fact that Christ died for you have an effect on the way you see trials? Does it change the way you go to Him during those trials?

3. What ways have you seen Him work in your life recently that is evidence that He gives you good things?



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Sue Bohlin 8 months ago

Thanks, Callie! As I read verse 32, which asks if God gave us the ultimate gift of His Son’s life for us, why can’t we trust Him for the lesser things—and EVERYTHING is less than Christ’s death for us—I was struck by a dear friend’s pain-filled question: why has God not heard my prayers?

Today’s reading assures us that God’s intentions for us are always good, even when we can’t see the big picture. I am so thankful for JP’s powerful word of wisdom: If it’s not good, then God’s not done.

He always hears our prayers. Always. If we’re still waiting for an answer it means He’s not DONE, not deaf.

Elizabeth Lariscy 8 months ago

Thank you, Callie for your devo this morning! Great encouragement for us all! God is so good!

greg jones 8 months ago

Great analogy for this verse. Preparation and execution are two keys to just about anything that is done successfully. Passion fuels excellent preparation and excellent execution, but it is not a substitute for either.

Great words about great words today. (Post game locker room talk-couldn’t find a cooler Gatorade anywhere.)

Michael Scaman 8 months ago

Following a picture of salvation brought in Isaiah 53, and the servant (singular) songs end we see similar

The servant(s) songs start and the fruit of salvation sung about in following chapters.

Is 54:17 But no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall show to be in the wrong.

Michael Scaman 8 months ago

The full armor of God from Ephesians 6:10-18 is actually God’s own armor found in different places in Isaiah ( Isaiah 11:4-6, Isaiah 59:17

"He put on righteousness as a breastplate,and a helmet of salvation on his head;"

and we can add Isaiah 52:7 )

That goes along with giving us all things.

Hope Harris 8 months ago

“If God is for us, who can ever be against us?” NLT “With God on our side like this, how can we lose?” MSG" “If God is on our side, then tell me: whom should we fear?” Voice What motivating question, it inspires a “get to” attitude within me.

Lindsey Driscoll 8 months ago

Callie, thanks for he pep talk this morning! My study bible notes remind me that graciously giving all things as stated in 8:32 means that God will “give whatever is necessary to bring to fulfillment the work begun at the cross.”

Hugh Stephenson 8 months ago

Hello Callie. I love the idea of Paul giving a locker room pep talk. Links me to putting on the full armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18). Your last sentence is the perfect ending; “We win”.

Has anyone ever loved me enough to do what God has done? Is there anything equivalent to Jesus dying for all my past, present and future sins?

Q1 and Q3 - Combined answer:

Q3 - Post salvation, I have seen God show up so many times its crazy. Many times, I had to wait and wait and wait. I love agricultural metaphors, especially about bearing fruit and harvesting. You can’t control or hurry the harvest. It just takes God’s own time.

Q1 - Even so, too often I still get frustrated when God’s timeline is not the same as mine. I want justice to come for them, but I want grace for me.

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