January 8, 2019

God Over the World

Genesis 5

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Adam's Descendants to Noah

This is the book of the generations of Adam. When God created man, he made him in the likeness of God. Male and female he created them, and he blessed them and named them Man1 when they were created. When Adam had lived 130 years, he fathered a son in his own likeness, after his image, and named him Seth. The days of Adam after he fathered Seth were 800 years; and he had other sons and daughters. Thus all the days that Adam lived were 930 years, and he died.

When Seth had lived 105 years, he fathered Enosh. Seth lived after he fathered Enosh 807 years and had other sons and daughters. Thus all the days of Seth were 912 years, and he died.

When Enosh had lived 90 years, he fathered Kenan. 10 Enosh lived after he fathered Kenan 815 years and had other sons and daughters. 11 Thus all the days of Enosh were 905 years, and he died.

12 When Kenan had lived 70 years, he fathered Mahalalel. 13 Kenan lived after he fathered Mahalalel 840 years and had other sons and daughters. 14 Thus all the days of Kenan were 910 years, and he died.

15 When Mahalalel had lived 65 years, he fathered Jared. 16 Mahalalel lived after he fathered Jared 830 years and had other sons and daughters. 17 Thus all the days of Mahalalel were 895 years, and he died.

18 When Jared had lived 162 years, he fathered Enoch. 19 Jared lived after he fathered Enoch 800 years and had other sons and daughters. 20 Thus all the days of Jared were 962 years, and he died.

21 When Enoch had lived 65 years, he fathered Methuselah. 22 Enoch walked with God2 after he fathered Methuselah 300 years and had other sons and daughters. 23 Thus all the days of Enoch were 365 years. 24 Enoch walked with God, and he was not,3 for God took him.

25 When Methuselah had lived 187 years, he fathered Lamech. 26 Methuselah lived after he fathered Lamech 782 years and had other sons and daughters. 27 Thus all the days of Methuselah were 969 years, and he died.

28 When Lamech had lived 182 years, he fathered a son 29 and called his name Noah, saying, “Out of the ground that the LORD has cursed, this one shall bring us relief4 from our work and from the painful toil of our hands.” 30 Lamech lived after he fathered Noah 595 years and had other sons and daughters. 31 Thus all the days of Lamech were 777 years, and he died.

32 After Noah was 500 years old, Noah fathered Shem, Ham, and Japheth.


[1] 5:2 Hebrew adam
[2] 5:22 Septuagint pleased God; also verse 24
[3] 5:24 Septuagint was not found
[4] 5:29 Noah sounds like the Hebrew for rest

God Over the World

Key Verse | Genesis 5:21-24

When Enoch had lived 65 years, he fathered Methuselah. Enoch walked with God after he fathered Methuselah 300 years and had other sons and daughters. Thus all the days of Enoch were 365 years. Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.

Bio | Garrett Wikle

Hey, y'all! My name is Garrett. I'm currently a Resident in the Watermark Institute, and I get to serve on the Resources Team. Though I grew up in Stillwater, Oklahoma, the Lord called me to Dallas, and I'm having a blast getting to jump in with Watermark! On any given day, you'll either find me working in the Watermark Coffee shop, trying to wrap my head around theological conundrums, or convincing someone to go get tacos with me. 

Central Truth

Loving God in the world today can be hard. How one man loved God more than the world for nearly five entire lifetimes despite living in the worst of times is unbelievable. Let his example encourage you!

Devotional | Genesis 5

Genealogies look boring. Who wants to sit through a list of names? Since this genealogy includes ages alongside significant life events, it reads more like a third grade math textbook. "If...

Genealogies look boring. Who wants to sit through a list of names? Since this genealogy includes ages alongside significant life events, it reads more like a third grade math textbook. "If Kenan was 70 when he fathered Mahalalel, and then lived 840 more years, how long was Kenan's life? 910 years!" 70 + 840 = 910, I get it! BUT, there's a repeated key phrase special to this list that we can't miss: "and he died." The phrase is mentioned eight times in the passage, but Noah (the next main character), is the tenth in his line. That math doesn't add up. Someone didn't die.

This math isn't third grade level. It's calculus with miracles!

So who didn't die? The guy's name is Enoch. Genesis 5:21-24 is unique from the rest of Genesis 5 in two phrases:

  • "Enoch walked with God"—Repeated twice in this chapter, Enoch is uniquely shown as incredibly close, personally close, with the God of the universe. Something about his life stood out, and we should take notice.
  • "God took him"—Enoch never died. The imminent consequence of sin—a rightly deserved death for our rebellion against God—never happened to Enoch. God chose for Enoch to not experience the sting of death.

Enoch was special. But why does this matter to me?

Genesis 6:5 shows us that Enoch's generation was plagued by people whose thoughts and intentions were evil. If society today looks bleak, Enoch's generation sounds worse. We see in Jude 14-15 that Enoch spoke out against the evil of his generation, giving us the only biblical clue to why he's special: he chose God over the world.

1 John 2:15-17 shows us today that we have the same choice as Enoch: love God or love the world. Since Jesus chose us out of the world (John 15:19), and He loves us so much that He died for us (Romans 5:8), our response is simple: We follow Jesus! We love Him instead of the world. Just like Enoch chose God and walked with Him, we get to choose God in response!

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Discussion Questions

1. Is choosing God every day a hard task? What does choosing God look like in your life?

2. Would you consider yourself to be walking with God today? Why or why not?

3. Is there anything that you could consider "love for the world" that is distracting you from loving God? What are those things?

4. How does the example of Enoch, a man who lived faithfully within a sinful and broken generation, encourage you to live today?

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Craig Hardy over 1 year ago

Thanks for a great devotional today Garrett!

Patti Laurents over 1 year ago

I tend to romanticize early Bible times as a simpler time. After all, there wasn’t the population explosion that we have in modern times, so less sinners= less sin, a less complex society, right? Living hundreds of years means a full and productive life, right? Lamech fathered Noah, saying, “Out of the ground that the LORD has cursed, this one shall bring us relief from our work and from the painful toil of our hands.” This verse reminds me that the world and all in it were under the curse of sin & evil, and without law. Centuries before Noah, Adam & Eve experienced the murder a son by his own brother, and this exile. Cain feared for his life because of the evil & violence already happening. By Noah’s time, the earth was overrun with violence & evil to the extent that God sent a flood to destroy it.

Michael Scaman over 1 year ago

Q4 Enoch seems to be part of a bigger picture. In his family people were used different ways

Enoch was taken (like raptured)

Enoch’s son Lamech died prophetically 5 years before the flood

Enoch’s grandson Methusalah may also have died prophetically the year of the flood

Enoch’s great great Noah gave them rest by being listed off the cursed ground (and a picture pf Christ in many ways)

greg jones over 1 year ago

I was raised and taught to believe my Bible literally. I’m a curious person with an active imagination. By nurture and nature I believe Genesis to be inspired but not literal. Hold strong beliefs lightly a paraphrase of Paul Saffo I love.

I don’t know that a single thought has ever changed my life but a lot of single thoughts have changed a lot of my days, and a lot of those days have changed my life. I don’t know if anyone else has said that but I find having and acting on those kinds of thoughts hard to do. I love the dependence I find in that process.

How many thoughts can God produce by many people reading this chapter that will change lives plural today and life singular future?

May many be caught up in a life like Enoch because of some.

Wade Souza over 1 year ago

Great devo, Garrett!

History is His story of working in us, through us, and in spite of us to accomplish His perfect will. This genealogy is dripping with grace as He maintains a lineage leading to life, liberty, and love, amidst death, depravity, and darkness. With Enoch, walking with God = worship, a restoration of sorts of what God and Adam experienced in Eden.

As John 14:15 bids, “If you love me, keep my commandments.” Obedience objectively affirms our love for God. We are not meant to be merely minds in agreement with His message and mandates, but bodies bearing fruit by our behavior through faith. A godless generation around us is no excuse for envy, evil, or immorality. Psalm 112:6 encapsulates the faith of men like Enoch and the faithfulness of a holy and perfect God, “Surely the righteous will never be shaken; they will be remembered forever.”

amy stephenson over 1 year ago

Wow. Thanks for the devo. How to surrender my own will daily, hourly! I feel like I need a watch alarm that goes off every hour to remind me to seek God’s will over my own. Lord, I know you can change anyone. Change me to desire your will more than my own! Pls remind me to constantly ask this question. What is your will for me to do next?? Help help

Erin Hobbs over 1 year ago

Choosing God every day looks like many things but making the choice to surrender the rights I think I’m entitled to is at the top of the list for me. Yield, Erin. On my own, that’s impossible.

Jackie Hill Perry has said, “When led by Him, when wanting to place my rights above His honor, humility would place its hand over my heart, keeping it still and settled with peace until what was worth being said or done happened in love. Out of a deep wanting for what belonged to God to be recognized and respected.”

Well that punched my pride in the face because apart from Christ in my life, I want what belongs to Erin to be recognized and respected. Praise the Name!

Ronnie Oldfield over 1 year ago

Great Garrett,

Abel who God showed favor to was murdered by his brother; Enoch who God showed favor to was taken up.

Great illustration to all that God’s ways are greater than our ways. He knows His ways and we must have faith that if we seek His way whatever is going on in our lives is so much better than how our lives would be otherwise.

The life view of joy for what today brings whether it be good, bad, or ugly. If we think we are oppressed, be joyful in the oppression-cause it could be so much worse if not for God’s grace and mercy. Be happy today regardless of circumstances because I am still free to desperately pursue Jesus which IS my hope.

Lindsey Driscoll over 1 year ago

When I read 5:21-24, the geanology of Enoch the words walked faithfully appear twice. Enoch knew the faithfulness of God, and out of knowing him he walked faithfully with God. I think of the Genesis 3:8 how we see God, after Adam and Eves sin, still walking in the garden with them. God is faithful to walk with man even after sin entered this world.

Hope Harris over 1 year ago

GM Friends

In the previous chapter one thing that stood out to me was that people still interacted with God. Cain and Abel brought their offerings directly to God. Enoch stands out because he walked with God.

By reading the OT obituary, I am reminded of a statement that I have heard several times “Everytime we sin something dies.” (Ricky Chelette) Cain sinned Abel died. Adam and Eve sinned and eventually died.

Abel and Enoch model two key things about life. Seek to honor God first and walk faithfully with God.

Lord my I always seek to honor you and walk faithfully with you.

Here is my prayer /worship song today Keep Making Me https://youtu.be/UI1obeb3A9c

Hugh Stephenson over 1 year ago

GM Garrett. Awesome devo.

The promises of God.

In Seth’s line down to Noah’s sons I see the promise being carried forward, even with a remnant of 8 people.

From Calvin, the remnant “…was wonderfully preserved by celestial guardianship”.

In this chapter and chapter 4 I see the promise of Genesis 3:15, a redeemer, being carried forth. As in Psalm 1, I see two paths: Cain’s and Seth’s.

The story turns in Genesis 4:25-26 when “men began to call upon the name of the LORD.

In Genesis 5:1 I see the WRITTEN account of Seth to Enoch. No written record needed for Cain’s generations.

I love that God “took Enoch away”. What an amazing provision of God.

Boice notes the promise in Methuselah’s name means “when he dies it shall come”. And when he died the flood came. One day, time will run out and the final promises will arrive.

Michael Scaman over 1 year ago

Adam living 930 years would cause him to see much too much of his legacy of death, suffering and violence. He lived through most of this genealogy and died within a century of the birth of Noah. Did Adam’s death get the attention of the world or go unnoticed?

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