August 16, 2017


Psalm 134

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Come, Bless the Lord

A Song of Ascents.

  Come, bless the LORD, all you servants of the LORD,
    who stand by night in the house of the LORD!
  Lift up your hands to the holy place
    and bless the LORD!
  May the LORD bless you from Zion,
    he who made heaven and earth!


Key Verse | Psalm 134:1

Come, bless the Lord, all you servants of the Lord,
who stand by night in the house of the Lord!
(Psalm 134:1)

Central Truth

We are all called to bless the Lord, no matter the time of day (or night). And guess what: He blesses us back. How cool is that?

Devotional | Psalm 134

As a kid, I was taught that nothing good happens after midnight.This is a lesson we tried to pass on to our teenagers (for good reason, I might add).Though, I've got to admit,I began to believe that line of thinking...

As a kid, I was taught that nothing good happens after midnight. This is a lesson we tried to pass on to our teenagers (for good reason, I might add). Though, I've got to admit, I began to believe that line of thinking applied to me too. Nothing good happens at night. Really? After reading this passage, I see it differently. In fact, I understand that blessings come in the darkest part of night.

When Israel left Egypt, God had them set up a tabernacle where He could be worshipped. Because the tabernacle required someone on duty 24/7, someone was working the graveyard shift. Later, men were posted on the city walls 24/7 to keep watch for invaders. To protect and provide for God’s people, these guys had to become night owls, whether they liked it or not. 

Thank God that today, people such as our police, firefighters, and emergency personnel work long after our eyes are shut. I’m grateful for medical folks who stand the midnight guard with patients needing round-the-clock care. When I’m up in the middle of the night (usually against my will), I need to be reminded that God sees no difference between night and day. “Even the darkness is not dark to You, and the night is as bright as the day. Darkness and light are alike to You.” (Psalm 139:12, NASB)

Whether you are a night owl or not, there are times when we all get called to be “night watchmen.” For example, I’ve held sick kids, sat beside Kyle when sleep evaded him because of business difficulties, and lain awake grieving my father-in-law’s death. With few interruptions, night allowed me to think clearly and pray specifically. I’ve learned that in my darkest hour of need, the “light of the world” shines brightest.

So now, I look forward to being awakened at night (though it's still not my favorite) because Scripture promises that as I bless the Lord in my darkest hour, He blesses me in return. After all, He never sleeps or slumbers (Psalm 121:4).

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Bio | Lucina Thompson

My name is Lucina Thompson, and I was taught that "the early bird gets the worm." I wasn't much of a fan of this in my teens, but by my 20s, I embraced this thinking and can now fully claim to be a "top 'o the morning" girl. My husband beats me in this race by a LONG shot (what's new, Kyle Thompson?), so I can never brag. My kids are all still in their 20s (last year, though): Son-in-law, John Burks (29),  Jordan (28), and Audrey Burks (27). Thank goodness that we LOVE hanging and traveling together.

Discussion Questions

1.  Are you an early bird or a night owl? Regardless which you are, what situations in life have caused you to awaken at night?

2.  How have you handled those times? What Scriptures come to mind that remind you God is with you no matter what you are going through? Write some of those on cards and put them on your bedside table to help. 

3.  Who do you know that works a night shift? Take the time right now to stop and write them a note expressing gratitude for what they do.

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