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Below is a list of topics that we know about and are actively addressing. Thanks for your patience as we launch this new Join The Journey platform. We have high hopes for how it will allow us to serve you in the coming year!

This is a technical issue with how the text is rendered on the iOS App. Our editors have pain-stakingly reviewed that content. Download the latest version of the app for the resolution!

Private groups are coming soon! This was a feature that we hoped to have released at launch, but it is simply not yet ready for prime time. When it's ready, you'll be able to have private, un-monitored discussions amongst your community group or other friends about the Scripture you're reading.

(5-Jan-2018) We just pushed an update! We found that you have to uninstall and install the app in order to get it to work. Thanks for your patience! We have an great team of volunteer developers who build these apps. Take a moment to praise God for giving these men the conviction to take the time, using their talents to serve you and His Kingdom. May the Lord multiply their contribution. (Isaiah 55:11)

Yes, you should be able to edit your own comments. This has been prioritized just under all the critical issues mentioned above. We're also going to give you some more room to type that comment! We love how engaged this community is!

Our new commenting system doesn't know who you are... yet! We are actively working this morning on promoting our faithful commentors to be auto-approved.